Grant on Bicycles & E Bike/Pedelec


In order to encourage the use of bicycles and pedelecs (electric bicycles) as means of transport that reduce both pollution and traffic and at the same time encourage physical activity, the Minister for Finance has launched this scheme whereby a onceonly grant of 15.25% on the purchase price of a bicycle is granted to eligible applicants.

What you'll get

Applicants will get 15.25% of the expense, up to a maximum of €85 for a bicycle and up to €250 for a pedelec (electric bicycle).


Applicants should be Maltese residents and the application form should reach the VAT Department by not later than 3 months from the date of purchase. The original fiscal receipts/invoices and relevant documentation shall be kept by the applicant for a period of not less than 2 years from the date of application and produced upon request to the Commissioner for Taxes and Customs for verification purposes. The grant payment will be deposited in the bank account indicated on the application form.

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To apply for the grant, follow the links below :

Type of Applicant State Aid Rules Links to Forms
  • Natural Person
  • Voluntary Organisation not carrying out an economic activity.
Not applicable
  • Business Undertaking including Sole Traders.
  • Voluntary Organisation carrying out an economic activity.
De minimis

For guidance on applying for this grant, kindly refer to this brochure

Grant Calculations

Incentives to be paid after the registration of a new electric vehicle or pedelec by a person, voluntary organisation or business undertaking under the De Minimis State Aid Rules*

Type of Vehicle Grant Amount
  • Pedelecs
€500 per vehicle.
  • Cargo Pedelecs
  • L1e-A/B - Powered cycles & Two-wheel mopeds
  • L3e-A1/A2 - Low & Medium performance motorcycle
  • L4e-A1/A2 - Low & Medium performance two-wheel motorcycle with side-car
€2,000 per vehicle, but not more than 80% of the selling price.
  • L2e - Three-wheel mopeds;
  • L3e-A3 - High-performance motorcycle;
  • L4e-A3 - High-performance two-wheel motorcycle with side-car.
  • L5e - Powered Tricycles.
  • L6e - Light quadricycles or quadri- mobiles.
  • L7e - Heavy quadricycles or quadri- mobiles
25% of CIF, capped at €6,000 per vehicle; minimum €2,000.

Incentives to be paid when a vehicle which is at least 10 years old is scrapped in conjunction with any other grant for the purchase of an electric vehicle :

Category of Scrapped Vehicle Place of Registration of Scrapped Vehicle
Malta Gozo
L (Motorcycles) €500 €500
M1 (Car) or N1 (Van) €1,000 €2,000

For a full list and detailed information please follow this link