Grant on Bicycles & Ebike/Pedelec

Ministry of Finance

In order to encourage the use of bicycles and pedelecs (electric bicycles) as means of transport that reduce both pollution and traffic and at the same time encourage physical activity, the Minister for Finance has launched this scheme whereby a once-only grant of 15.25% on the purchase price of a bicycle is granted to eligible applicants. Applicants will get 15.25% of the expense, up to a maximum​ of €85 for a bicycle and up to €250 for a pedelec (electric bicycle).

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TM grant scheme on Ebike/Pedelecs

On purchasing a new ebike you can benefit from a rebate starting from €500

Type of Vehicle Grant Amount
Pedelecs €500 per vehicle.
Cargo Pedelecs
L1e-A/B - Powered cycles & Two-wheel mopeds
L3e-A1/A2 - Low & Medium performance motorcycle
L4e-A1/A2 - Low & Medium performance two-wheel motorcycle with side-car
L5e - Powered Tricycle with power not exceeding 15kW.
L6e - Light quadricycles or quadri-mobile.
€2,000 per vehicle, but not more than 80% of the selling price.

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The grant includes a scrappage scheme intended to provide further financial support to applicants who, while purchasing and registering a new electric vehicle or pedelec, deregister a vehicle of any category which is at least 10 years old from its year of manufacture.

Incentives to be paid when a vehicle in scrapped in conjunction with any other grant for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Place of Registration of Scrapped Vehicle

Category of Scrapped Vehicle Place of Registration of Scrapped Vehicle
Malta Gozo
L (Motorcycles) €500 €500
M1 (Car) or N1 (Van) €1,000 €2,000