Bike Fitting

A proper bike fit means you have a position on the bike that will let you ride comfortably and as long and hard as you want injury free. The bike fit position varies from one person to another, and factors like age, style and type of riding and flexibility.

Shimano Service Center

Whatever reason you use your bike for, being sports, commuting or recreation, a reliable bike service is fundamental. This ensures that you will continue to enjoy your bike. To increase the longevity of your bike and also your riding pleasure it’s imperative to have your bike regularly serviced by professionals. This in return, will help prevent unexpected, avoidable service costs.

Bike wash

Cleaning your bike is the first form of maintenance that will prevent build up of grime, you’ll have a more efficient ride and can prevent bigger issues developing, Leave it to our experienced Bike Care Specialists. We will inspect your bike before, during and after each bike washing.


Suspension Forks and shocks are the most expensive parts on your bike and due to constant wear and tear your forks and rear shock require routine service to keep them working in perfect condition. At Magri Cycles we have all the latest specialist tooling in our workshop and we are experienced in servicing all types of suspension forks and shocks.

workshop and servicing

Our Store is equipped with a workshop, offering a wide range of parts and accessories so our skilled mechanics can have all they need in hand to do the job. Your bike is assessed by a technician and you will be advised on the correct level of service for your bike